Beyond Kids Reading

Helping families and their children who struggle with reading get the support they need for lifelong success.

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Beyond Kids Reading is an innovative, educational services 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are social entrepreneurs seeking to find more efficient and effective ways to help families and their children who struggle with reading. We are deeply committed to our values of integrity, compassion, professionalism, and simplifying complex processes to best serve the needs of children.

Our Personal and Integrated Approach

Targeted Evaluations

We facilitate the process of accessing targeted evaluations that are conducted by professionals with top credentials and expertise in identifying language-based learning differences.

Immediate Intervention

We provide your child with immediate access to gold standard 1-on-1 specialized reading instruction while the evaluations are being completed. This means no waiting for the benefits of early intervention.

Clear Communication

We provide ongoing parent education, coaching, and real-time feedback on your child’s learning profile throughout the duration of our evaluation process.

No Bureaucracy

We streamline our evaluation process so parents get targeted results much sooner than industry standards. The earlier you have results, the sooner we can work with you to take steps towards action.

Fast Reports, Simplified

We produce action-oriented reports that are written for parents and educators making them easy to understand. We believe you should be able to make sense of the information provided to you so that you can use it effectively to advocate for your child’s needs.

Personal Guidance

We provide ongoing direct instruction services, parent coaching, and advocacy services upon the completion of our initial evaluation process. This guards against more lost time waiting to find other support structures once an evaluation is complete.

How We’ve Helped

  This is a true miracle finding you all and want to let you know how much I am truly thankful for all the amazing work you are doing to help many families.

Mom of a 3rd grader from Medford, MA

This is terrific. We couldn’t ask for a better situation in terms of timeline and targeting what we need.

Dad of 2nd grader in Brooklyn, NY

  I could literally do the Snoopy happy dance over the fact that my student will be getting support from Beyond Kids Reading. I have such confidence that he gets the support he needs!

Teacher of 6th grader in Boston, MA

  Mom called me this morning and expressed her gratitude again. Her child is lucky to have such a strong team of advocates.

Social worker for the family of 6th grader in Boston, MA