Helping You

Beyond Kids Reading opens doors to efficient and effective methods that help children with reading difficulties. Our programs and services destigmatize the process, remove barriers, and connect experts with your family and school to collaborate and empower your child to read with confidence.

Do you see signs of your child struggling with reading in school or at home?

Early action is key. The first step to getting support for your child is to connect with Beyond Kids Reading  and schedule an online, virtual introduction. This meeting is for us to listen to your story, as well as recognize and acknowledge your child’s skills and gifts. We then provide initial guidance on how to support your child’s reading education.

What makes Beyond Kids Reading different from other approaches?

Beyond Kids Reading provides a holistic approach, which is different from anything else you will find to help your child and family. We are experts and have developed a unique, integrated, team-based approach that saves you time and gets better results for your child. Typically, a family needs to manage a collection of people, which creates anxiety and frustration. Instead, Beyond Kids Reading is your single point of contact that guides your child’s reading journey and coordinates resources for you.

Every reading journey is unique. Our approach is not a product or curriculum. We are a service-oriented partnership that works with you, your child, and your school to tailor a program to your child’s individual needs. The Beyond Kids Reading CARE Program has a record of success that can be shared with your family. We have testimonials from children, parents, teachers, and experts that demonstrate the value of our program and reading interventions.

Ready to get started with Beyond Kids Reading?

Complete the short introduction form at the link below. We’ll reach out to you within a few business days to schedule a virtual meeting and confidential discussion.

Get Started

What happens after the initial introduction?

After our initial virtual introduction, we determine next steps. One option is a three-part evaluation – our CARE Program. The program includes in-depth interviews and discussions that lead to neuropsychological and academic evaluations, diagnostic tutorial sessions, parent coaching, mentoring, and feedback sessions, connecting with your school, and more. These best practices establish a path to attaining lifelong reading skills.

Why should you collaborate with Beyond Kids Reading?

Our CARE Program is unique and our team includes highly qualified and experienced educators. Many of us have dedicated our careers to reading intervention because our own families and friends have struggled with reading. We understand your needs.

Beyond Kids Reading only helps those we are confident we can help, and if we find that our approach is not the best fit for your child and situation, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.