Your Team

Meet the reading specialists, special educators, neuropsychologists, teachers, administrators, business executives, philanthropists, technology experts, and nonprofit professionals who bring the Beyond Kids Reading vision to life.

Our Inspiration

Beyond Kids Reading was founded out of passion and necessity. Dr. Craig Horning is a father of three who found himself on a journey struggling to navigate the path to support two of his children who struggled with learning to read. Networking with parents, teachers, schools, clinicians, and community partners, Craig was inspired to create a new and better way to ease the burden for parents supporting their children. He collaborates with educators and mental health professionals to deliver the best possible care for our children. A social entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in Educational Administration, Dr. Horning knows Beyond Kids Reading can help transform how we view neurodiversity as a society and enable us to appropriately educate all students for future success.

Board of Directors

Our entrepreneurial minded governing board oversees the vision, fiduciary, and operational aspects of our organization. We begin all conversations and decision-making processes with a mission-based and child-centered approach.

Christine Boyle, MDiv
Board Vice President, Nonprofit Development

Craig Horning, PhD
Board President, Founder and CEO

Nick Sorvillo, MBA
Board Secretary, Marketing and Business Planning

Business Development Advisory Board

This team of diverse and passionate industry experts has come together with the charge of envisioning a bold future for Beyond Kids Reading. Our organizational goal is to become a national leader in integrated language-based learning services and educational change.

Lori Scanlon, MBA
Chair, Marketing and Communications

Danielle Boudreau, MBA
Development and Governance

Seth DeAvila, MA
Marketing and Data Analysis

Lisa Fries, JD
Attorney and Educational Advocacy

Elizabeth Goncalves Wachman, MEd
Special Education, ELL, and Reading Specialist

Freya Hurwitz
Nonprofit and Technology

John Lloyd, MBA, PhD
 Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Finance

Gayle Nelson, MBA
Finance and Accounting

Makenzie Way, JD
BKR General Counsel, Labor & Employment Law

Program Service Advisory Board

This team of exceptionally skilled education and mental health professionals represents the core of our service work. Their unyielding commitment to getting each child what they need for success is the backbone of our mission and the future of our organizational impact.

Liz Archer-Nanda, DNP
Chair, Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

Leah Arteaga, EdBS
Community Organizer and Translator

Barbara Ball, EdM LICSW
Social Work and Educational Advocacy

Anna Chaves McDonald, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Julie Gold, PhD
School and Private Practice Psychologist

Heather Humphries, MEd
Special Education and Reading Specialist

Lana LeBlanc, MEd
Reading Specialist

Brandon Tross, PhD
Post Doctoral Psychologist

Andi Weiss, PsyD
Psychologist, Special Education, and Educational Advocacy

Our Guiding Principles


We understand the experience of parents of children who struggle with reading.


We recognize the inherent gifts all children possess.


We believe that all children, regardless of their socio-economic status or school system, have a right to be taught to read in a manner specific to their learning profile.


We believe children who struggle with reading need to have direct, explicit, structured literacy instruction.


We believe in working collaboratively with parents, students, schools, service providers, and healthcare professionals.


We believe families and students should not feel alone in their educational journeys.

DISCLAIMER: Beyond Kids Reading (“BKR”) is a 501c3 educational not-for-profit organization.  BKR provides comprehensive education and advocacy services.  BKR does not provide legal or medical advice or services in any manner or form.